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Air conditioning of 10 movie theatres

plus Hall, lobbies, a shop and technical equipment rooms


 Installation of air conditioning equipment in Cinemas in Toledo.

10 Rooftop equipment + 6 Vrf equipment.

820kW total power.


The client had serious air conditioning problems, after careful study and planning, we made a schedule of all the upgrading in less than 10 days, being air conditioned the rooms at all times so as not to alter its functioning and not interfere with the normal activity of the center.


Installation with a cadence of 3 equipment replaced by lifting, contemplating the updating of ducts and the start-up of the new equipment, as well as incorporating a control system for all the machines, for which the entire cable deployment was carried out.

Exterior ducts were updated.

The solution contemplated the Centres functioning at the same time that the equipment and control system were updated.


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