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Heat pump upgrading for Hotel in Alicante


After an urgent maintenance notice, we went to the Centre.

The chiller was out of service and no air conditioning in August, one of the hottest months of the year.

After proposing to the Property several options, the equipment upgrading is decided with a 48 hours commitment.


Replacement of a 120kW heat pump within 48 hours, including the pumping group. All the actions were located and coordinated to be able to carry out the actions and the hotel could continue its activity, work was done on the operational team to be able to disconnect the one that was later replaced, as well as all the updating of the adjacent elements.


On Monday we received the notice and on Thursday the new heat pump was up and running.

It was coordinated with the Property, a work plan was established to minimize the impact on the Center’s activity, and the new system was upgraded and put into service.

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