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Highest level of involvement, specialization and professionalism of our staff, guarantees the perfect execution of the work. Carrying out the good coordination of all the unions involved and thus overcoming any difficulties that may arise.



We provide comfort and well-being in different spaces, with maximum efficiency and respect for the environment.



We develop all types of installations to provide different services that demand electrical energy and communication.

Fire protection


We protect people and goods from different fire risks in any type of building.



Integration of different systems in BMS, automation, management, regulation and control of facilities.

Implements and develops HVAC, Electricity and Fire Protection systems. Acting in all phases of the project, from its design and calculation to commissioning, through its execution and subsequent maintenance.

Based on a powerful technical office and relying on the long and extensive experience of our operations department.

Our priority is to optimize the execution costs from the design and to shorten the deadlines in the development of the works as much as possible, and consequently to achieve greater profitability for our clients.

success stories

Hotel B&B Alicante

Heat pump upgrading for Hotel in Alicante

mk2 cinesur

Air conditioning of 10 movie theatres plus Hall, lobbies, a shop and technical equipment rooms

Gofit Málaga

Gym Equipment in Malaga.

Yelmo Artea

PCI in movie theatres


Global solutions

Construction works

Our goal is to build long-term relationships, for this we have a highly qualified and specialized workforce. Committing ourselves to the objectives, guaranteeing quality, price and term to all our clients.

Project design and development

When we start a project we study different solutions, prioritizing economic costs of execution and the highest possible energy efficiency for the client.


We reduce uncertainty by planning the work to be carried out, complying with the principles of opportunity analysis, selection of objectives, evaluation and alternatives.

Start up

Our highly qualified staff advises and trains the people who take charge of the property installation. They will also have extensive documentation, user manuals and technical catalogues.


We seek that our facilities are always in a state of optimal functioning, dedicating more time to prevention and diagnosis of future breakdowns, thus avoiding greater costs for our customers.


We are in charge of legalizing any type of installation by carrying out any type of procedure before different administrations, supported by a technical office dedicated to this.

Quality and innovation

Our commitment to quality has led us to implement our own integrated quality and environmental management system.
We work in coordination with the main manufacturers, from whom we receive training and information on the latest news and trends in our different fields of action.

A Management Culture based
on transparency

We look for long term relationships, leading us to internalize the following lines of action:


People’s safety in a facility comes first.


We provide alternative solutions to the same situation.


We adapt our structure to each contract.


We add value by optimizing design and energy efficiency.

Why work with us?

Innovation and commitment


Meeting deadlines is a characteristic feature of Gedimsa and a fundamental element of our customer orientation.


We understand each project as unique in order to offer an optimized and timely response.


Methodologies and systems are changing, our teams are constantly evolving.

Some of our customers

They trust us:


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    Gedimsa is the service solution, as a global provider, for the installation and maintenance of air conditioning, electricity and fire protection developed by Aaisa.

    Aaisa has been conceiving, designing and executing professional HVAC, Electrical and fire protection projects for more than two decades.

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